R3 Safety Image Library

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Helpful Hints on how to use this service!

Welcome to our all new image library!

Here you can search for items found in the 2016 R3 Safety Buyers Guide. Searching for items can be done in several ways.

  • Category - Click Browse Catalog, then Select a category from the list, the categories are the same as they appear in the 2016 R3 Safety Buyer’s guide.

  • Search field – In the upper right hand corner there is a blank search field in which you can enter either, a
      a. product type - example: respirator
      b. product part number - example: 8210
      c. manufacturer name - example: 3M

Then select Go!

Once you have reached the desired product block, you will see a box indicating Product Content Downloads, there are 3 items for each product you can download including a hi res image, low res image and manufacturer logo. When selecting an item, you will receive a file download box that will allow you to choose to either open, save or cancel.

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